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Young Mother 2
  • Genres : Romance
  • Durée : 89 min.
  • Date de sortie: 2014-5-29
  • Année de production : 2014
Moyenne: 4.3 (4 Votes)
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Synopsis et détails:

Yeong-gil is in graduate class and is stressed about getting a job. To make things worse, he's not had any experience with women yet, so he's always searching for something in his dreams but wakes up to nothing. Then one day, there is a change in his life, he puts his hand in The Box of Pandora and gets a job although it wasn't a regular position. He sleeps with his female superior during the interview even though it's not how he imagined it. Then one day, he visits Joo-yeon's home and meets her beautiful mother. Can he keep himself from being seduced by this woman?

Critique du film

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Noh Seong-soo

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